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Metal Beds

Metal Beads means unlimited possibilities. This material allows for the fun shape and color. It is most commonly used to produce jewelry. Resistant to deformation, durable and easy to use. We have a large selection of beads, starting with vintage and finishing on modern shapes. Many motifs, inscriptions which can be used, for example .: the charms. The material for the production of jewelry that allows us to get started with Hand Made. A large number of courses DIY and ingenuity makers often with an innocent hobby turns into regular production. Metal Beads are easy to build, which translates into the sustainability of projects. Their versatility and beauty allows you to create beautiful projects.
Metal Beds
Pendant curved gold

Pendant curved about 2mm wide, 25mm long hole: about 1.2mm...

0.15 zł

Pendant curved gold curved

Pendant curved about 2mm wide, 35mm long hole: about 1.2mm...

0.19 zł

Pendant curved 60 mm long, 3 mm wide hole: 2,8 mm..

1.49 zł

Round gold bead 10 mm

Round gold bead Diametr 10 mm hole 4 mm..

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Round silver bead

Round silver bead Diametr 8 mm hole 1,8 mm..

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Square beads gold 10 pcs

Square beads.  Antique gold color. about 4 mm wide 4 mm long hole: 1,5 mm..

1.63 zł

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