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Welcome to the "FAQ" section.

We will try to answer the most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please call or e-mail address.

Beads.pl how long it takes to send a package?

The packages are sent by courier of the Polish Post. Typically, the time needed to deliver the package two days from the moment of payment. We can also send a package after receiving confirmation of transfer or send cash on delivery. Then we shorten the delivery time.
 In an emergency, please call. Each pack has a number in the system of the Polish Post, and is being tracked.

I can not fulfill the order, the system does not allow to go to the next step?

 If you can not go to the next step, please check whether the name of a product does not contains three red stars.This means no product in stock in the amount of what you ordered. Please reduce the amount of, or dispense with the purchase of this product. It often happens that customers spend in the section beads or semi-finished long period of time, the stock changing and sometimes the customer has purchased the product and our purchases can not be finalized. Then please contact us. We'll check when the product will be available and give any information.

Orders combined to incur additional costs for shipping?

It often happens that we forget literally about one bead or one base to the ring and we have to start your order. Do not worry shipping costs. If anything is on its way to you, we can always connect one or even several orders in one package. The system at the end of the ordering ask you about the type of delivery. Please select "order combined". Then it will be charged per shipment.

Can I buy a product today and receive the order at a specific time, eg. A week?

It often happens that our shop customers are on the go and will not be able to pick up the package and they want to been delivered on time. Of course, it is possible. Just that you give time interval in which the package is to be delivered. We need no contract and day, information can be sent by email.

How much does shipping abroad?

Because, we want to give the most accurate foreign shipping price, we must know the address and weight. As best as you place an order. We will prepare the package and immediately check the cost of delivery and agree with you the best option. Foreign parcels will ship always a priority, serve also no origin. The whole process is fast and efficient.

Is the price for one piece or the entire package?

If there is no information in the product description that rate is only one piece for example. Bead for 1 zł, it means that the whole package of beads costs 1 zł. If you have any questions, please call or e-mail address.

Is it possible to get a discount in the store Beads.pl?
 For our customers we rebates, the amount of which depends on the sum total of the contract. Discounts are as follows:

 Purchases 300-500 zł - 3%
 Purchases 500-700 zł-5%
 Purchases 700-900 zł-7%
 Purchases 1000 zł-10%
 Purchases above 1000 zł discount is determined individually.
Is it worth it to subscribe to the newsletter, newsletter?

 The newsletter is a form of contact with our customers. We communicate with you only on important matters. When we have to offer new products and interesting promotions. Not sure you do not miss. We strongly encourage you to join.

Making jewelry, where I can find a course, a tutorial, get information?

 Especially for our customers we blog, where we present a lot of information about jewelry making. Many papers published on our blog comes from our customers. We encourage you to peek at our blog, and inspire their ideas of others.

Technical problems, page not working, I can not process your order. To whom do I apply?

Our site contains many items and working properly. But there are problems as with any computer system. We would appreciate notification emails or phone to one of our numbers. We will respond immediately to rectify the fault or find an alternative solution and deliver your orders with beads and products for the production of jewelry on time.

I have a discount coupon, where do I enter it?

Discount coupons for the purchase of jewelry and products in promotional prices is possible after entering the code. A place to put is in the tab basket. Below the list of products you will find a place to enter the code after selecting "Use coupon code".